Everyone is different. Every person on this earth has their preferences, hobbies, passions, opinions, etc. There are no two individuals who are completely the same, and that’s a great thing. Our differences are what makes us unique. However, there is one thing that I feel most us have in common. The one thing most people have in common is the desire to travel. I feel as traveling is one thing that everyone loves to do. Whether someone is just going a couple of states away or going to a whole new country; the excitement is always the same.

The downside to this incredible passion that everyone has is that sometimes it can be expensive and people might find it harder to afford trips, especially at a younger age. That shouldn’t stop people from traveling though because I firmly believe that traveling, especially to a different country, is something that EVERYONE should do at least once in their life. One way young adults can travel easily (I’ll make a separate post for people not in college) is to study abroad! Studying abroad is such an amazing experience and can open up so many opportunities for college students everywhere. I’m currently on my semester abroad, and it’s the best decision I could have done because if I hadn’t made this trip, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the time or money to travel until a few years after university.

Here are ten reasons why you SHOULD study abroad while you’re in university!


  1. Travel. I mean, this one is the most obvious one. While you are studying abroad, this is your time to shine and visit even more countries while you’re away! Don’t take this for granted and travel to as many places as you can while you’re away. It can be pretty cheap too if you do it correctly.
  1. Learn a new language and culture. One of the biggest reason why I wanted to study abroad is that I’ve always been interested in different cultures and languages. If this is something that you’re interested too, definitely go abroad! Especially if you go to a place where English isn’t the mother tongue; I think this makes things more interesting.
  1. Become more aware of the world. Not going to lie, before going abroad I didn’t know much about other countries and cultures. I was the American who only knew about America, and that was it. Since living in Sweden for a month, that has changed. My world view has changed so much over the past month, and I’m consistently learning new things!
  1. Become More Independent. There are plenty of ways to develop your independence. Heading off to university, getting your first apartment, etc. However, I think that studying abroad is the biggest way to boost your independence. When I left for college, I became more independent and did a lot of growing up. Since I left for my term abroad, my independence has skyrocketed. I’m not longer just a three-hour drive from home. I’m about an eleven-hour flight from home now and six hours ahead in time. That changes you and forces you to grow up even more because you’re parents and family aren’t just a car ride away anymore.
  1. Career Opportunities. Depending on what you’re studying, a term abroad can be what you need to make yourself stand out more for future internships or jobs. Employers love to see students who do a term abroad. It shows them that you can deal with different situations and leave your comfort zone.
  1. Making new friends! I love meeting new people; especially people from other countries. Studying abroad is a great way to make lifelong friends from all over the world! I made a great group of friends so far from Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, England and many more places!
  1. Learn more about yourself. Throwing yourself into a whole new environment is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and find out more about who you are as a person. While abroad you will quickly find out what you’re good at, what you’re not so great at, and what you should improve on!
  1. It can be cheap. Study abroad is probably one of the easiest ways to travel as a student. Between the help of financial aid and scholarships, all I had to pay for while abroad was my housing and own personal expenses. If you make a budget (and stick to it), it will be pretty easy to afford everything that you need.
  1. You’ll appreciate your home a lot more. Don’t’ get me wrong; I wasn’t ungrateful for all the things that I have in my life and for my life back home. But, you never how much you’ll miss certain things while you’re abroad. Like, the taste of certain foods or drinks.
  1. Live a dream. I know for many university students, traveling is a big dream. So, why not take advantage of study abroad? I know my term abroad has made multiple of my dreams come true.